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Skills and Knowledge Enhancement

As businesses grow and change or there are changes or potential changes in ownership and management it is important, for a business to survive to have managers and owners in the firm who are equipped to take on the challenge of managing the business in new circumstances or to take on ownership responsibilities.

With many businesses seeking to promote from within and upskill their own staff to enrich their knowledge for the benefit of the business provision of training is essential.

At Mr Green Consultancy, we recognise that training and mentoring staff and managers are often a part of a business strategy and finding the time to offer this mentoring is often difficult as the existing managers and owners are busy running the business.

As a result, many firms turn to training and mentoring consultants to provide robust programs that are bespoke to the businesses and delivered on time and within expectation with consistency and continuity.

The use of an external consultant will bring a bespoke package that recognises the challenges in the business and the goals it seeks to achieve and draws on the experience of the consultancy and their team. This independent knowledge and approach that is sensitive to the inner workings of a business is what makes the Mr Green Consultancy mentoring and training programs a success.


Industry Experts

Our consultants have knowledge and expertise in a wide range of sectors

At Mr Green Consultancy we work with senior managers/executives and company directors providing mentoring and coaching. Our focus is to work with the senior people in businesses, principally assisting with decision making and problem solving.

This is a confidential and valuable solution to senior executives providing responsive assistance as needed.

We have an outstanding track record of providing tailored and valuable support to our clients.

We work with individuals engaged on a private basis through to corporates who enrol their managers on a mentoring programme. Everyone we work with is different and we adapt our support and services to meet your needs and requirements.

Our Approach to Mentoring & Coaching – The Detail

Whatever the challenges you are facing, our role is to ensure you get support when you need it and quickly. We provide a fully interactive and confidential service providing senior executives with expertise and an outlet to discuss their daily challenges and arrive at sound solutions.

The use of a mentor and coach is an enriching experience for our clients.A mentoring and coaching programme is about adding value to you and your business. We do not know it all and at different times of life, solutions and problems may not always be as easy to understand and overcome. Our service is there to support you both day to day or in certain situation providing you with an outlet and expert advice. An effective mentor and coach will: –

  • Provide support
  • Give access to a second option
  • Assist with your own learning
  • Provide you with additional knowledge
  • Work with you to problem solve

The size of your business and the amount of knowledge and responsibility you have does not matter as you will face challenges that will be better solved with the ability to access independent and expert advice.

Our service is acquired directly by senior executives or on their behalf by companies who recognise that providing an external support function to their senior team or members can and will improve their own performance and that of their business.

The core elements to our service are: –


You can be assured of 100% confidentiality. Whether a conversation or sharing or documents and information, discussions and engagements are strictly confidential and discussed between you and your mentor. If you wish to involve others that is entirely at your discretion.


You are provided with direct access to your coach and mentor. Your mentor will spend initial time with you in person to understand what you do and how you operate. An important part of the mentoring and coaching service is that it is tailored to meet the personal needs of each person. Typically, there will be a range of engagements including phone, email and face to face meetings. It is important that the way in which you communicate with your mentor fits around you.


You will have access to them as you need them from 7am to 10pm daily. You will have a private mobile number and email address that ensures you will obtain quick and responsive access when you need it.


It is essential that you and your mentor build trust. This will not always happen immediately but will be built over time. The mentor is there to assist you when you need it and reliance on their views and opinions can be an important part of your own decision-making process. Building high levels of trust increases the chances of delivering positive results.

We are driven by your success and providing value to our clients.

We work for businesses who instruct us to work alongside a group of senior executives and we work for individuals. Whether you are on your own or part of a large company our service is available to you to engage with privately or with the knowledge of your business.

To become part of our coaching and mentoring programme is straightforward: –

  • Make your enquiry
  • We will meet and discuss your requirements and the service
  • We will agree a fee that is appropriate for your needs
  • A commencement meeting will occur where we will spend the needed time to understand you and your business (if you are instructing us as a company to work with members of your team, we will meet with both the company and the individual)
  • We will agree the best way to manage the relationship
  • You will be provided with a dedicated mentor and direct access to the via phone and email.
  • The service commences.

There is a monthly retainer in place which entitles you to direct access to your mentor as needed. This will be the minimum you will be each month.

Each companies and individuals needs will be different and the retainer will be agreed on a bespoke basis and will it will be very clear what you receive.

If you wish to engage for consultancy outside of the mentoring programme this will be charged separately and as a specific engagement. It tends to be the case that when consultancy is needed, it is the company rather than the individual that requires this.

As a decision maker in a business you play an essential role in the success of your company and delivering the correct decisions is expected of you.

We recognise that there are sometimes situations and challenges that you will face both personally and professionally and the answers are not always immediately available to you. Gaining an opinion from an external expert will provide you with impendent support that will assist you with clarity of thinking enabling you to establish and find the solution.

Our Consultants

At Mr Green Consultancy we work across a range of sectors and industries and experience a range of issues and problems confronting businesses and their senior executives. Our exposure to these challenges enables us to bring a depth of experience that can add significant value into your own role and company.

We work with individuals engaged on a private basis through to corporates who enroll their managers on a mentoring programme. Everyone we work with is different and we adapt our support and services to meet your needs and requirements.

For more information on our mentoring and coaching service, you can contact us on 02078421825, email us at or make an online enquiry.

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