Mergers & Acquisition

Whether you are seeking to acquire, sell or merge with a business, Mr Green Consultancy has the experience and expertise to assist your business in making the right decision for both the business itself and the owners.

Depending on your requirements and needs the consultants at Mr Green Consultancy will support you through the decision making process through due diligence, negotiation and finalising contracts.

Our service can be accessed by all types of business in each of the key areas of need:

  • Sale – if you are seeking to dispose of your business we will understand the reason for the sale and the urgency and work with your business to understand the full implications of the sale and your expectations. Having consulted with you and gained a full understanding of your requirements we will work with you to identify potential acquisition partners and as necessary engage with them to establish an interest. Once a buyer has been found, as needed we can assist in the agreement of the sale dealing with the operational, financial and contractual (legal aspects).
  • Merger – A merger opportunity is likely to have been established before the business approached Mr Green Consultancy but in some instances, mergers arise from a potential sale or acquisition. Mergers are often more complex as the newly merged business will need to agree on decision-makers and methods of operating as two management teams fuse together. The agreements of the terms of the mergers and the requirements of each business are critical to get right. We will work with our client to ensure all elements of the mergers are identified and there is a full understanding of the commitments being made and what they mean for each of the partners. With this established the arrangement for the mergers can be discussed, agreed and progressed. At Mr Green Consultancy we can assist in identifying and agreeing on the contractual arrangements negotiations terms and financials, delivering on requirements and post-implementation project work as required.
  • Purchase – There will be various reasons for the purchase of a business from client base, technology, growth or simply to absorb a competitor but irrespective of the reason the need to get this right is paramount. Whether a target has been identified and an outline agreement reach or you are seeking to engage Mr Green Consultancy to approach or find an acquisition target we have the experience to assist and work with you to ensure your acquisition is a success from engagement to takeover. As the acquirer is ordinarily the dominant partner it is essential to ensure those in the acquisition target are fully aware of your expectations and for contractual terms to be drafted to protect you and your investment. We have the experience to agree terms of the acquisition for you, undertake due diligence and agree with contractual terms. We can also work with you to ensure the acquired business is integrated successfully.

Our M&A Consultants

We are fully aware that business mergers and acquisitions are delicate and complex to ensure the expected outcome is achieved with success.

Much of the processes that are required as a change management programme apply to M&A and you can see our approach by clicking this link.

To find out more about how Mr Green Consultancy can work with you and help you secure a successful merger or acquisition you can call us on 0207 842 1825, email us or click here to complete an online enquiry.


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