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Naturally any of our prospective clients will want to know our Business Consultancy prices. Our philosophy is one based on openness, complete transparency, flexibility, value for money and dialogue with you, from our Online Marketing fees to Brand Consultancy fees.

Once we have understood your requirements and got a really good handle on what resources we will need to carry out the agreed assignment and bring it to a successful conclusion, our Business Consultancy Agency will give you our most competitive price for the job.

Our Business Management fees are not fixated on hourly or daily rates, although they may be used as a guideline; we would rather look at the job as a whole and explain how and why we have reached the figures we put to you for consideration.

It is our hope that on every occasion our prospective clients become regular clients and trust is created between us. Our Business Development Consultants rely on your honest feedback about our services at every stage and appreciate the responsibility placed upon us. Our promise to you is that we will never take your instructions for granted.

In the highly unlikely event that you are not happy with what we have done for you, we will offer to put it right immediately but if you are still not happy we will certainly discuss a rebate or repayment of your fees.

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