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Effective Marketing and Advertising are essential to develop and grow your business. From traditional to digital, B2B or B2C, nationwide or local, our specialist Consultants can work with you to develop and implement a marketing and advertising plan and strategies to improve your Marketing, target new markets, expand existing marketing, build brand awareness and generate quality leads into your business.

Our Marketing Consultants and Advertising Consultants have years of experience in both traditional and digital marketing, offering you access to a Marketing and advertising advice to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your marketing campaigns

Our Marketing & Advertising Services

Whether you are new to digital or online marketing and advertising or have experience, at Mr Green Consultancy we will work with you to put together a detailed marketing and advertising plan and strategy that can be implemented by your in house team or marketing agency.

We will conduct a detailed review of your online presence and activity to identify strengths and weaknesses, analyse your market and you key competitors, diagnose obstacles to conversion and define opportunities to target.

We will apply our expertise to show you how to improve your online presence, increase lead generation and brand awareness, and start delivering serious growth for your business.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

A marketing and advertising review and audit is the ideal place to start a review of your marketing activity. A detailed and meaningful review that will form the basis of your marketing plans. Our report will provide you with key information on a range of areas to include: –

  • Overview of your current marketing strategy
  • Presentation of your image and presence
  • Market analysis overview your competition and their presence
  • Advertising overview and what has and what has not worked
  • Pricing analysis pitching you against your key competitors
  • Web page analysis including: usability; design upgrades, search strategy, website optimisation, and web advertising strategies
  • Conclusion, recommendation and advice
  • Implementation strategy

Digital marketing can prove very effective and when managed and directed properly spend will be controlled, resulting in maximum return on investment. When complimented to a well put together advertising strategy, this will further boost and enhance your overall campaign.

Traditional marketing remains important and when dovetailed into an effective online strategy, it will have greater impact and results.

Marketing and Advertising should drive new business, which in turns drives income and profitability. Getting a clear and defined strategy with key results and deliverables is essential to controlling marketing spend and ensuring your business gains true return on investment.

Digital Marketing is the promotion and management of your brand, products and services using the various online tools and systems that are available. Including search engines, social media accounts and general paid online advertising. It is a specialist area that requires ongoing management and control to deliver results.

Key features of an online marketing strategy are: –

Pay per click advertising is a very powerful and useful form of marketing to either accelerate or boost your online campaign and presence. Ensuring your products and services are matched directly with your target audience, and are visible at the exact time they are being searched for. This encompasses areas such as Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, and LinkedIn Advertising. Managing a PPC Campaign is a highly specialist task and getting it wrong can prove expensive and frustrating, managed effectively this it can prove rewarding and valuable in terms of ROI.

Search Engine Optimisation is an essential starting point for all online marketing campaigns and strategies. Your website is central to an online marketing strategy and ensuring your website is structured correctly with an appropriate use of Keywords and Meta Tags and Descriptions will provide your online marketing strategy with greater and more relevant results and conversions through improving your organic ranking on core search engines and reducing the cost of paid advertising such as Google AdWords.

  • Social Media Management is your opportunity to directly engage with people or businesses in your target market. As social media tends to involve an engagement at some level, the people in your network should want to see and hear more about your business. It is key to ensure the content that you post across your social media network is appropriate, informative and well maintained to engage with and grow your following. There are a host of social media platforms which may be relevant to you, management of these can be time consuming and cumbersome. We work with businesses to help them manage and control their social media accounts such as:
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Google+

Social Media can prove a very powerful and effective part of your overall marketing and advertising strategy and when managed correctly, will deliver new business and growth.

With the advent of GDPR, Email Marketing is a more sensitive area but nonetheless, when used properly is very effective. Our experience and advice will ensure your email campaign is complimentary to your other marketing and advertising activity and includes: –

  • Generating a compliant campaign
  • Maintaining and cleansing your data
  • Creating content for emails
  • Managing your mailer to send the emails and monitor result
  • Identifying engagement for ongoing use
  • Delivering relevant and direct campaigns that enhance and compliment your products and services to deliver new business.

Video marketing is a very useful tool to showcase your products and services in a more modern and less traditional way. This form of marketing will generate capture the user’s eye and interest from a different audience who prefer engagement through video content rather than written or pictorial. We can guide and advise you on the appropriate format, strategy, content and audience for video marketing and work with you and other experts to create compelling video content that your audience will want to engage with. From interviews to product videos to showcase you, your business and your products, it is essential to put together quality videos for use across your marketing and advertising strategy.

Content Marketing is an area where many businesses fall down. As creating content, be that written, pictorial, or video is time consuming and not always the easiest task. At Mr Green Consultancy, we work with businesses to develop, design and create content for them. We work with you to understand your brand and target market, we do our research and we deliver your content. Every campaign needs content and it has to be regular and compelling. We will help you put together a content creation strategy or can manage this for you. Thus enabling it to be used for both online marketing and advertising, social media distribution and email campaigns.

It is not all about online marketing. Businesses still need more traditional methods of marketing and advertising as the audience will sometimes differ from an online audience or simply the campaign purpose is different. Whether a business is looking to create a new look or designs through to Event Planning or Print Marketing, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure you gain the most from your overall marketing and advertising strategy, whether linked to an online campaign or not.

  • Print & Design – print and design can prove costly, we work with firms to ensure that the designs and content put into print marketing are in keeping with the overall branding, goals, strategy and importantly can be used for online campaigns providing greater value for money.
  • Print Marketing and Advertising – Print based marketing and advertising has become less effective as online marketing and advertising has taken centre stage. However, this is not true for all industries, products and services. There remains a place for print marketing and advertising and it is knowing when and how to use it appropriately to gain maximum impact and exposure, and then to ensure your designs catch the attention of the audience. We work with businesses to make sure that they get their print marketing right first time and they gain full use of their materials through ensuring they are used for the right purpose and can stand the test of time whenever possible.
  • Events and Seminars -Networking events and seminars are a powerful way of directly connecting to customers and achieving personal contact. From attending events, displaying at events or presenting, we work with businesses to put together a compelling and effective pitch or presentation to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from the time spent at events and seminars. They are time consuming as they require a personal commitment and ensuring you are well prepared and engaging is essential to gain maximum return for the time and money you invest. We work to prepare you for this giving advice and guidance to perfect your presence and message.

One of the most important assets of a firm is their staff and ensuring that each firm has an approach to managing their staff that works is essential for delivering success. Every firm is different and the way in which staff are managed will vary but there are fundamentals that must be implemented and complied with. The requirement here is to ensure the basics are in place and they are tailored to meet each environment ensuring your firm gets the best from their staff in all situations both positive and negative.

We work with firms to review and implement an approach to staff management that covers all of the necessary requirements yet respects the type of firm, style of management and requirements of the owners. We work with you to build successful people as we recognise that it is the people in your business that will deliver your success.

A challenging time for any firm is reviewing or introducing new technology. Changing systems or introducing technology, if not executed correctly can have a devastating effect on the business.

We work with firm from the initial stages of identification of what technology is appropriation through to the building stages and finally implantation. We build strategies for change that work for firms and understand their requirements, ensuring that the technology they have and introduce is necessary and proportionate and will be used to its full potential.

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